My Services are designed for companies that are 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers of components progressing to manufactures that are 1st tier suppliers to the automotive car plants.

The services offered (see Services page) are for suppliers who are not as yet approved to the international automotive standard TS16949 but are being pressed by their customers to be so.

 Question -Why Choose The services on offer above the many consultancies available ?

1) Firstly being a one man business my costs are very competitive due to the lack of overheads in the business.

2) I have only in 2009 decided to be self employed and offer the services outlined on the web site.This means I have been operating Quality Departments to the TS16949 standard and understand the difficult areas that require special attention from practical experience.

3) My experience has included dealing with departmental and company budget constraints.

4) I fully understand that once a supplier understands what is required from TS16949, they may decide not to proceed or strategically move away from the automotive business.

5) The services offered are flexible in respect to how much consultation time you may require. Larger Consulting firms may not be interested unless their full services are required.

6) I specialise purely on the move from ISO 9000 To TS16949.

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